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About Little Dreamer Kids

Our Story

Little Dreamer Kids is a small Perth based local business owned by Sarah & Fiona, crazy neighbours who are also FIFO mums of 5 children collectively.

Sarah is a stay at home mum and the creative mind for our beautiful products. Chances are you will find her behind the sewing machine.

Fiona works fulltime whilst attending to Little Dreamer Kids admin and event organisation. You will generally find her on our social media platforms. 

We pride ourselves on creating & stocking good quality, on trend accessories that compliment you and your little dreamer.

Every product at Little Dreamer Kids HQ is proudly handmade in WA. 

Sarah & Fiona 


P.S - We would also like to make a special thanks to our husbands for putting up with our crazy and being so supportive of us on this crazy, amazing adventure.